Make sure your absentee ballot is filled out correctly so it will be COUNTED!

​Wake up on November 3 knowing you did EVERYTHING you could to win this election!

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You don't need experience- we will train you before each shift and provide any needed support. Hold your nose and make those calls! We can do this! We lost in 2016 by only a couple of votes per precinct- let's get to work.

Poll observers NEEDED- final chance to sign up!

Help ensure a safe Election Day for all voters. Dane County has enough poll workers - YEA! - but poll observers are still needed around Wisconsin. (Volunteers do not have to live in WI and WI residents can observe outside their own municipality.)

If you feel safe offering to be a poll observer sign up HERE!

This is it, people...our last chance to win.
Sign up, sign up, sign up!


HUGE turnout in Dane County is needed to win Wisconsin! Click below to sign up for phone banking shifts by joining our BLUE WAVE CLUB. Every conversation with a voter can lead to another blue vote.

All phone banks are virtual- call from your couch!